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Testimonials about Ellechor Publishing House

Rochelle was wonderful to work with... She took the time to answer my questions and concerns. I really appreciated her honesty and approachable attitude. She set me at ease and I ended the conversation excited to work with her. I liked how professionally the contract was written and proposed. It was clear what was expected and offered… I wouldn't change my mind for a moment. I feel blessed to have a contract in hand.

Janice Rice, Author of Acsah and 2011 Avante-Garde Award Winner


Rochelle is very supportive, and does everything possible to help meet our needs.

Mike Lynch, After the Cross Co-Author


I sincerely appreciate all you are doing. Your tenacity to make the business and its authors succeed is blatantly evident to me.

Brandon Barr, After the Cross Co-Author


I have enjoyed working with everyone and “sharing the dream”. I am also deeply appreciative that Rochelle has deemed my work worthy of her business' investment of time, money and passion… I would not leave them for another company!

Sandra Grice, Author of Tiger Moths


As a business owner, I know if there is a secret to getting new business or maintaining repeat business, it is quite simply customer service.  Ellechor Publishing House knows this as well.  Their services is enthused with knowledge and direction.  [Ellechor] took my desire to write a book and helped me develop a plan and a thesis.  [They] took the time, listened and helped me combine two distinctly different ideas to create a strong and emerging premise from which I may now start my book.  No matter what stage of writing you are in, Ellechor is the company that will help bring your project to fruition.

Caroll Atkins

Ellechor is handling my story "His Banner Over Me is Love" and I'm very excited at the prospect! Thank you Ellechor! You are 100% professional and approachable! 

Annette Showler

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