Reckless Intentions: The Inner Society Series
Reckless Intentions: The Inner Society Series
Melinda Louise Bohannon
Still new and fragile in her faith, Maggie finds herself in an ultimate battle between the fears of her flesh and the power of her faith. As the second trial of key members of The Inner Society approaches, tensions rise and she begins having horrific nightmares. Then the revelation of one of Maggie's darkest secrets threatens to destroy her relationship with her fiancé, Peter, and Maggie fears her world is crumbling all over again. 
After discovering the existence of an incriminating video and a dead District Attorney, Maggie once again becomes a serious liability for some dangerous people. As a hurricane approaches off the coast, Maggie winds up battling for her life as she fights to evade the well as the assassin pursuing her. Joining forces with Tai, her new computer hacker friend, she will risk everything to break into The Inner Society’s server and expose their criminal acts to the world. 
Will Maggie and Tai be able to destroy The Inner Society before they can silence her testimony?
Will Peter be able to intervene between the love of his life and certain disaster? 

Product Details

Series: Inner Society Trilogy
Paperback: 340 pages
Publication Date: June 23, 2014
Language: English
ISBN-10: 193784403X
ISBN-13: 978-1937844035