Hope Stands: Ten Reasons Why You Must Not Give Up
Hope Stands: Ten Reasons Why You Must Not Give Up
Samuel Kee


Have you ever found yourself searching for one good reason to go on? Have you ever wondered if anything were going right in your life?

Even when life is at its absolute worst, we still have hope— and we always have a reason to go on. By carefully considering the moments when Jesus appeared after death to his unsuspecting followers, we discover that hope stands right in the middle of life’s crises. As many of us struggle to find real hope, this is a timely and vital message.

To the person who is searching for just one good reason to go on, this book presents you with ten. You are never without hope so long as one person is standing up for you.


Publication Date: November 11, 2011

ISBN: 978-0-9826242-7-2

Paperback, 182 pgs

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Praise for "Hope Stands"


Hope Stands is a book for the hopeless and for those who love them. Sam Kee reaches out and touches those who struggle with life and gives them reasons for living. I enthusiastically recommend this book.


-Tremper Longman, Co-Author of Cry of the Soul



[Hope Stands] ...offers Hope to those who for any reason find themselves thinking “I can't take this anymore... there's only one solution... one thing to make it all stop." But Sam points to others in the Scriptures and outside of them who discovered that the darkness projected a reflected light that only it could make visible...

-Mike Kellogg, Senior Announcer with Moody Radio & Host of Music Thru The Night