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Rochelle Carter SPHR, President/ CEO

An avid reader from the fifth grade, Ms. Carter has always had a passion for books and secretly dreamed of a job where all she had to do was read books all day. In 2009, after seeing a continuous lack of quality Christian fiction material and faced with a growing desire for change, she decided to follow her childhood dreams and start this company.

Her 9+ years of experience in Human Resources and Project Management have prepared her to take the helm of this innovative publishing company and lead it to greatness. With the help of committed co-owners, staff and talented authors, EPH provides much needed support for Christian writers and material for readers of Christian publications. 

Andrea Hall, M.Ed., Senior Vice President


Andrea Hall, M.Ed. graduated  with a Master’s of Science in Education  and a  Bachelor's degree from Oakwood University.  She has spent over eight years in the teaching profession as well as years of experience developing/refining curriculum and has also played a pivotal role developing and participating in programs for young Christian women.

Mrs. Hall is a managing partner and our Women's Issues editor. She has also recently taken on the role of author management and communications.


Sylvia Callender, PhD, General Manager

Ms. Callender earned her MPH at Loma Linda University with emphasis in Health Education and Health Promotion which included coursework on Nutrition, Weight Managment, Smoking and Tobacco Use. In 2011 she completed her PhD in Preventive Care, her dissertation was on the factors determining the risk of obesity.

An experienced and creative problem solver, Ms. Callender has implemented work site wellness solutions to a number of health challenges. This includes program planning, implementing and evaluation of public health programs, coordinating the Adventist Health Study on behalf of Loma Linda University at Lithonia Church, initiating/implementing the Annual Safety and Health Fair for DeKalb County Employees.

As our subject matter expert for the Health and Wellness Publications division, she works as an acquisitions editor and a fact-checker for all health and wellness manuscripts and proposals. Ms. Callender also assists with various other management aspects.

Additional Team Members

Sharon C. Jenkins, Senior Editor

Sharon C. Jenkins, also known as The Master Communicator, is a bestselling author, ghostwriter and inspirational speaker. Throughout her career, spanning from editor/ ghostwriter and successful host of The Literary Fellowship to Senior Publishing Consultant with award-winning publisher Ellechor Media, Sharon has helped hundreds of authors get their message to the masses.

Emily Sather, Contract Editor

Emily has over 7 years of editing experience, including ~six years with TEACH (now Eternal Encouragement) magazine. She has worked on numerous fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. 

Veronika Walker, Managing Editor

Veronika Walker came to Ellechor as a contract editor, and now heads up the company's book development and editing department. She proofread for online magazines and ezines in high school and college, then went on to launch her own freelance business in 2011. Since then, she has worked with over thirty authors across the U.S., both indie and traditional, and continues to provide ghostwriting and editing services to private clients through her website at

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